Stimulating Growth and Illuminating the Future

SonoFarm generates lighting technology and accessories and establishes controlled environments for the development of both home grown produce as well as commercial crops.

We implement the most current research and rigorously test our precisely engineered products. At SonoFarm, we strive to propagate continual life—more sustainable agriculture is possible with easily accessible light sources.



With roots deeply embedded in horticulture, SonoFarm seeks to enhance the synergy of light and life, reaping a brighter future. Our mission is to encourage growth and increase sustainability.


Core Values

Our foundation is fixed on passion and curiosity. We reinforce the technological developments in the horticultural industry and optimize the growth of crops, yielding higher numbers of more consistent vegetables, fruits, herbs and other plants with much lower overall operational costs. The efficiency and quality of SonoFarm will effectively allow all cultivators to foster fruitful endeavors and strengthen margins needed to grow quicker and smarter.