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I’ve been posting a lot of videos on Facebook and people love it

This light is just what I wanted to fill my 5x5 the spectrum is incredible! I post quite a few videos a week with my plants and there progress and people ask me what is that and I tell them it’s the sonic farm alpha 6 and I tell them to look into buying your lights I will grow with you guys from here on out !!

Pro Series, quantum boards

I been using these lites about a year,and not only do I love there lite but also there customer service is top notch ,all my plants are healthy and happy. But I will say LEDs are alot different than hps.

Very well made light

This is an extremely well made light and very heavy. Awesome light

Amazing light!!

I got this light on sale for $300 and decided I had to have it to replace three cheap 100w LED units. This thing provides much better light coverage than multiple smaller lights on top of being better quality diodes. I run the same strain and this run is my first flowering with this light and my plants look absolutely amazing and the nugs are much bigger already compared to where they were this time with the last lights. Their listed PAR maps match my readings as well, so they aren't exaggerating their performance.
If you're ready to pull over a pound a run with minimal wattage, this is the light for you.


First I can't believe how quickly my order was processed and shipped!!! Thanks
Second the light is very strong and is doing a great job 👍

Amazing lights and amazing company!

This is my third SF4000 and I can't recommend them enough. I'm running 2 in a 4x8 and 1 in my 4x4. Rock solid nugs for sure!!! They're fairly cheap, perform much better than my old Mars Hydro and Spider Farmer, they're US based, 5 year warranty and my girls love them. You can use discount code "darrinv8" to save an additional 5%, free shipping and no tax. I can't recommend Reuben and Sonofarm enough, seriously an amazing company with amazing lights.

PRO 1000 review!!

So i just bought a PRO 1000 for a 2x2 tent and its working awesome, the plants are loving it! it arrived fast, the dimmer works great, and instalation was really simple. Im coming back for more thats for sure! Great light for great value!

SonoFarm PRO - Farmer Series SF4000 LED Grow Light Full Spectrum Diodes Dimmable Daisy Chain Commercial Indoor Veg Flower Growing Lamps Hydroponics Greenhouse Lamp 3000K 5000K 660nm 760nm IR


I don’t grow your typical things with this light, I actually do citrus trees in the north. These lights are just phenomenal. Been using them for 2 years now. Just upgraded to two large lights. Will never buy anything else.

Sonofarm pro sf2000

this is a great light had to buy a second light to run in my 4x4 tent.You are now my go to for lighting

Seriously an amazing light!!

I'm currently running my 2nd SF4000 in my 4x8 and it's a tank. The ladies seriously love it. No more larfy buds lol. I previously ran Mars Hydro and Spider Farmer and this Sonofarm light blows them outta the water. I also like that they're a US based company as dealing with international companies regarding warranty issues is like pulling teeth and the 5 year warranty is huge. Give these guys a shot, I'm sure glad I did.

I know I'm gonna love it

This is my 2nd light I haven't hung yet but I have plugged in only complaint is my coupon code would not go thur and when I asked thur chat I was totally ignored but when I said my order wouldn't go thur they replied very fast. And this was before they went on vacation and gave out code for 10%.

Great light for the price.

I now own two of these. The light output is above par compared to similar lights in the price range. My plants responded really well to the first one, so I bought another and probably will again. A great product from a small company that seems to take a lot of pride in what they do.

i love Sonofarm

I been running Sonofarms quantum boards for overa year,and there great.My electric bill is way lower,and my Cannabis plants love them too.

New Grower and new SF !000 Grow Light

This Light is almost the perfect light for a beginner grower. Easy to set up out of the box, all I did was add a timer. The dimming capabilities are great and the web site has all the info in the FAQ section. The light was hung with zip ties and set to the correct height in minutes. After a couple of weeks the plants are looking like they have been outside but not stressed with heat. The 5 year warranty is a plus too!

Wow! Me and boyfriend love this! Bought it 7/21/22

So there were no reviews for this product really and I bought it on impulse and just wanting something after doing research. I wasn't sure at first but this light is amazing. We have mary jane 6 plants under this one pro4000 and they are doing AMAZINGLY., due to the light. Would 100% recommend

Great product

Worked right out of the box. No need to configure anything!


Growing cannabis indoors on a small scale had always been my limitation. Now with years of experience and a suggestion from a friend to use the App AFTERPAY. I was finally able to upgrade from my small 150 watt LED to my now prized possession SONOFARM PRO SF4000. Cannabis is my passion. Over night my girls shot up, tips up, and heavy trichome production . If funds is your only dilemma use AFTERPAY with one initial payment of 85 bucks you get the product then every 2 weeks for 3 more payments of 85 dollars you too can have the light you been dreaming of! Thank you SONOFARM for helping me chase and achieve my goals!

SonoFarm UV + IR PRO - Farmer Series 450W LED Grow Light Full Spectrum Diodes Dimmable Daisy Chain Commercial Indoor Veg Flower Growing Lamps Hydroponics Greenhouse Lamp 3000K 5000K 660nm 760nm IR

As good if not better than Spider Farmer

I recently bought the Sonofarm SF4000 rather than spending a little more for a Spider Farmer SF4000. Very impressed. I have a Spider Farmer as well, and the heat sink isn't nearly as thick - Sonofarm is 4mm thick. All other aspects of the lights are nearly identical. Same Samsung diodes, same driver, same lifespan. What I really like about Sonofarm over Spider Farmer is the warranty (5 years), the shipping (boxed better than Spider Farmer), and the customer service (Sonofarm is US-based and has 24/7 support). Sonofarm also has a very responsive Chat. I asked a question late one evening and had a response in less than a minute. Also, the Sonofarm runs more efficiently, using 400W rather than 450W to achieve the same results. Not a lot, but every little bit helps. It's easy to see that Sonofarm is attempting (and succeeding) on being a direct competitor of Spider Farmer. The better construction, solid shipping, slightly lower price, and US-based support tips the scales in favor of Sonofarm. Great job, guys! Impressive, most impressive! If this isn't listed as the #1 LED grow light for 2022, I will be very surprised.

Great light, arrived quickly, packaged well

I bought this light and a master controller and have received both. Couldn't be happier. The dimming adjustments on the light are easy and convenient. 5 year warranty. Great product

Impressive Light Fair Price

The UltraX 900 us a quality product at an extremely reasonable price! The variable spectrum and wattage integrated into the onboard controller makes the UltraX 900 excellent for veg and flower.

Since I have switched over to this light from 1000 watt HPS. My grow room is much cooler and I don't have vent tubes running everywhere. No timmers either, its all integrated into the light.

The biggest difference has been in the plants. Their colors are more vibrant and crisp, thier leaves are perkier and they pray longer. Their rapid root growth is what really blew me away. The plants look like they are achieving their full potential.

I did a lot of research before buying this lights. One of my buddies runs Volts and my other runs Grower's Choice…. both are jealous. The construction of the UltraX 900 far exceeds them both.

Here are my PAR readings with the UltraX 900 set upin a 12x12 room with white panda paper on the walls:
12" 1255
18" 1065
24" 875
36" 595

I would expect the readings to be 15-20% higher in a 5x5 tent due to all the reflection.

Since l liked the light so much (and they gave me a coupon for 8% off) I purchased another one. That one is going in a 5x5 tent. I will share my results soon. I do expect it to test similar to the company's video on YouTube.

If you are thinking about purchasing this light I would say go for it. I'm not sure who likes it more, me or my plants.