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Choosing the right Grow Light can be very tough! From Chinese sellers with fake and low quality diodes to fake reviews altogether! Review are less and less trustworthy, for example the FTC recently put hundreds of Fortune 100 companies on notice manipulating and faking reviews.

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We at SonoFarm value realness, and we know how important that is to our customers. ALL our reviews are left by REAL customers and verified by a third party. We use to manage our reviews for us. All the reviews are hosted on their servers and we cannot modify/delete or manipulate reviews.

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Fantastic Flowering light

Plants love the warm white light these provide, definitely an amazing purchase! The only SF4000 you'll need [;

Super well built

So I just got my light in today. I am amazed at the quality of the light. Hands down quality. It has already been installed and I can not wait for my plants to bask in the light in the morning. I will update this after I have my results from this cycle. Also, the company responded to my questions super fast and got my order right out the door. I most definitely will be doing more business with them.

The beez neez

My favorite light at this size!!! And his bro and sis of bigger and smaller size get down to! Would highly recommend.

Amazing in every way!

Great light, great price, excellent service,fast delivery and I’m one of those hard to please types. Before you spend your money else where try SonoFarm in South Carolina. Nothing to worry about. Great Company as well.


So it was my fault the dimmer works just fine… I received an email about the switch in the back sorry about that

I tried

I got my new light, first order from sonofarm, I read the paper work, and wanted to register for the 5 year warranty, but all my emails had been deleted, tried to reach out to you for help with that, and I NEVER HEARD ANYTHING BACK! so if someone can reach out to me on that I would appreciate it. If not probably one time is all that I would purchase from you.

So far so good

Seedlings seem to love it! Growing Great! Easy: hang, plug in and your ready to go. We purchased a Sonofarm because of the dimmer feature.

Sonofarm pro sf2000

Just got this light looks to be well build can't wait to see what the results will be. Looks impressive!!

Satisfied Owner

So far my plant loves it. This is my second Sonofarm light. Had a question about daisy chaining the 4000 with my existing 2000 so I emailed Sonofarm and Reuben responded in the affirmative in a timely fashion. Great light at a fair price. Now if only they will only heed my suggestion to ship shorter hanging cables. Depending on tent height it may be necessary to craft one's own hanging solution. Not singling out Sonofarm here as other manufacturers are guilty of the same thing. Maybe everyone should own 10' tall tents. So in conclusion 5 stars for the lights 1 for the hangers.


I wanted you to know that I loved my first light so much, that is why I came back to buy another one. I now have two tents set up and isolated in different buildings. I will now be able to produce my own seeds in one of these tents.

I will be sure to let people know about your company. Please keep making great products. I wish you overwhelming success!

HLG killer

This light is a great light brightness is great mean well driver is great. Customers service is A+ for a new business there doing every thing right. Im sonofarm for life. Just bought the sf4000 today. 600watts under $700 and 10x better then HLG.

Just Simply Awesome

I am using 4 of these over an 8 x 10 canopy. This is Compound Genetics Jokerz Candy at the end of week 2. Getting 1.76 grams per watt. Sure, environment, genetics and nutrition are huge, but these lights can process the nutes and consume the high 1400 ppm of Co2. . I’m satisfied to the point we are ordering 4 Max Pro 8s for our next run.

SonoFarm will be my #1 choice for future purchases!

I love my new light! The products, shipping, packaging, and customer service from this company are all great!
The SonoFarm PRO – Farmer Series SF2000 will suit my needs perfectly!
I am using this light inside of an AC Infinity 642 GROW TENT 4X2 (48" X 24" X 72")
Thank you, Reuben!!!

Updated post harvest review

I'm updating my initial review post harvest. The light performed well, the strength of the light is not in question. There were nugs where there is usually larf. High resin production. Great color in the purple strains. The disappointment comes in the construction of the light. The dimmer housing corner lugs snapped off on one side simply from moving the light; now the dimmer housing is loose and susceptible to being snapped completely off. Also, the rheostat (dimmer) leaks a lot of light through when turned all the way off. The light will only go completely dark when the power is cut to it. Don't get me wrong - the light works very well -excellent canopy penetration, low heat signature and par numbers over 600 24" away. Disappointed with the construction and accuracy of rheostat. Light still works ok.

Solid product

Recommend product over all others in this category. Plants shown response within 2 days of using and will be purchasing another light when ready.

This is my third order with Sonogram. All arrived securely packaged and sooner than quoted.
Very happy with the product's performance!

I bought 2 of the SF 2000, and I am very happy with the product, and would by again from this company.! Also excellent customer service. 5 stars easily!!!

I just put these into service a few days ago but they seem well built and incredibly bright compared to my king brand light i previously had. I do know that the tropical plants a papaya tree, blood orange, and clementine tree seem to be flourishing.

Excellent light for the money. I am only growing at home so i am not installing 1200 watts of 3 phase to run sodium bulbs. Hell, the doc says I need to limit sodium anyway. lol you will not go wrong with this product.

Changed from 600 w HID light to the Sonofarm 4000 to lower energy cost. It's working great in my 5x5 tent . Very bright and definately runs cooler. I chose this light after careful consideration because of the price, the warranty, the components (Samsung diodes and mean well drivers), and the fact that it's an American startup company
and I support my fellow Americans. God Bless America

My light just arrived today, fast shipping, I bought it to go along with my burple light for a 4x4 tent, as soon as I have the funds Im buying another Sonofarm light, incredible difference and a very good price, no sound from fans, make these lights very discreet. Coming from a veteran of 47 years of growing.

I am totally pleased with my sf2000. I changed lights mid grow and can see the buds noticeably firming up beyond what the old light ever did. Looking forward to a new grow to catalog start to finish.
The overall quality and finish is top shelf. Quiet and smooth; the dimmer works flawlessly. It blows away anything close to this price range and wouldn't be surprised if it goes up before long.