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Choosing the right Grow Light can be very tough! From Chinese sellers with fake and low quality diodes to fake reviews altogether! Review are less and less trustworthy, for example the FTC recently put hundreds of Fortune 100 companies on notice manipulating and faking reviews.

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Great light, arrived quickly, packaged well

I bought this light and a master controller and have received both. Couldn't be happier. The dimming adjustments on the light are easy and convenient. 5 year warranty. Great product

Impressive Light Fair Price

The UltraX 900 us a quality product at an extremely reasonable price! The variable spectrum and wattage integrated into the onboard controller makes the UltraX 900 excellent for veg and flower.

Since I have switched over to this light from 1000 watt HPS. My grow room is much cooler and I don't have vent tubes running everywhere. No timmers either, its all integrated into the light.

The biggest difference has been in the plants. Their colors are more vibrant and crisp, thier leaves are perkier and they pray longer. Their rapid root growth is what really blew me away. The plants look like they are achieving their full potential.

I did a lot of research before buying this lights. One of my buddies runs Volts and my other runs Grower's Choice…. both are jealous. The construction of the UltraX 900 far exceeds them both.

Here are my PAR readings with the UltraX 900 set upin a 12x12 room with white panda paper on the walls:
12" 1255
18" 1065
24" 875
36" 595

I would expect the readings to be 15-20% higher in a 5x5 tent due to all the reflection.

Since l liked the light so much (and they gave me a coupon for 8% off) I purchased another one. That one is going in a 5x5 tent. I will share my results soon. I do expect it to test similar to the company's video on YouTube.

If you are thinking about purchasing this light I would say go for it. I'm not sure who likes it more, me or my plants.

Amazing product

Just got my Maxx pro 8 and it just great 👍 💯.. the light showed up it two or three days , it was quick ... The support team answered all questions I had and believe me I had alot 😂 with speed and courtesy.. definitely check these guys out if you're in the market for a new light great purchase..

Sf pro 4000

Very quick shipping,five days to Argentina,and and great packaged with double box. Plug and play equipment although different voltage. First impressions is very good with 0 heat in driver and board. Only complain is the cable little short. Congratulations!!!

Amazing light

Loving this SonoFarm LED so far. It’s bright, powerful and isn’t killing my electricity bill. Couldn’t recommended this light enough. 5 *’s

Very good light!!!

This is a very good light for the price. It's bright as hell and the uv&ir is great. Wish it was a little bigger though but other than that I love it.

This tent is rockin’

A must have item for maxi pro 8 lights if you relocate driver. This is a no brainer, simply your life.

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3rd light I’ve bought from this company

First light I ever bought for indoor growing. Harvests were fantastic; grower friends of mine were impressed. Very happy with the purchase

great product, good price, low cost on electricity

easy to install, easy to use, can't wait to see the final results. i bought 2 led kits, one with the plug adaptor missing, they quickly solved the problem, thumbs up for customer service.

Sono farm SF 4000

Man all I can say is awesome grow light for my 5×5 grow tent covers it corner to corner and I'd also rank this light right up there with spider farm and mars hydro. Five star rating from me.

Awesome Light!

This is the best set up for your money. Superior quality. American built to last. Will be purchasing another one ASAP!

760 UV/IR ***Superior Quality*****

The 760 UV/IR Sonofarm creates an amazing spectrum . Been researching high quality grow lights for quite some time now. This is in my opinion the best 110v light out there and they stand behind their product. I bought the master controller with it- even comes with two temp sensors that will automatically dim the lights when detects too high temp (adj threshold). Beyond impressed with the quality of the controller and the light. Lights run way cooler than board type- this is the setup to get if you want to grow the strongest best marijuana possible.


I've bought other cheap lights. LEDs stop working in less than a year. I like the 5 year warranty on this light. And my plants have reacted big time good after turning this one on them. Only had it a week and already a difference. Doesn't get the box too hot like the others I had. So far so great. I will be getting another soon for my veg box. Thanks.


I’ve had great results with this light. The plants love it. Uses industry standard Samsung and Osram leds to cover every spectrum I’m looking for, from seedling to harvest. Best light in its price range and probably the best 200 watt led board on the market.


Discrepancy in wattage is likely my meter accuracy as most product have a +/- for accuracy.

Upgraded from CMH to led.

I've waited years to upgrade my grow lights to something better. And I didn't want to spend a ton of money, and I did alot of researching before ordering this led grow light. Like day and night I searched reviews after reviews and it brought me to Sonofarm which I pick originally 2-3 weeks before buying it. I'll update with a picture of my plants just before I switch to 12/12. And shipping was unbelievably fast and the service was great. When my get my Marijuana farm business started this is the place I'll get my grow lights from. And I'd recommend Sonofarm to anyone looking for a upgrade.


So far so good.The price was right & the quick response when i enquired their help was quick.Love that its made here in the USA as well as american customer service and the 5year warranty to boot.I'm happy.

This light is amazing.

I received the Sonofarm Ultra X Master Light 3 months ago. It was packaged very well. After it was installed I noticed my plants really perked up. Seems like they really like the spectrum. After my first harvest with it, I can say you will not be disappointed. This fixture increased my total yield and structure. The uv really makes a difference. I will be ordering more of these lights very soon

Best Light

Don’t be cheap when it comes to the plants life Done wit the spider farmers n others. Sonofarm did it I want another one.

I'd give this light 6 stars (out of 5) if I could.

What else can I say?

With the onboard IR and UV, I could probably tan under this beast!